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Camphill Communities of Ireland is a company limited by guarantee

Annual Audits

The main programme of work carried out by CCoI Communities is in the provision of residential care and day placement care and supports to children and adults with Intellectual, Physical and Mental Disabilities including people on the Autism Spectrum.

As a Section 39 Organisation our residential and day placement programmes are predominately funded through Service Level Agreements with the HSE. We also apply a charge from resident's Disability Allowance (DA) under agreement with the HSE and undertake some fundraising projects.

As part of our Governance Structures and in compliance with the Companies Acts, the Governance Code and the current Charities Regulation, CCoI is required to adhere to a large number of regulatory requirements and is potentially liable to audit by the HSE at any time.

CCoI’s status as a registered charity means that it does not suffer from any deduction due to corporation taxation. However as a private company, the commercial subsidiaries are liable, where appropriate, to corporation taxation charges. Our Current Auditors (2014 onwards) are Byrne, Curtin, Kelly -


Annual Audits from 2010 to Present

2016 Audited Accounts 2015 Audited Accounts 2014 Audited Accounts
2013 Audited Accounts 2012 Audited Accounts 2011 Audited Accounts
2010 Audited Accounts    


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