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Supporting Coworkers in Old Age

The Camphill Community Trust - Supporting Co-workers in Old Age or in Need


The Camphill Community Trust was established in July 2005 as an independent charitable trust with a board of trustees. It has charitable status (CHY 16186) and produces a set of audited accounts each year. 

The Trust was established out of a responsibility towards the needs of longer-term volunteer Camphill co-workers in their old age or when they had exceptional medical or other support needs.

Where does the CCT get its funds?

Each Camphill Community in the Republic of Ireland contributes to the Trust annually. The Trust may also raise funds through appeals and grant applications.

 What can the CCT do?

The Trust may make provision for the support of persons who are, or have been substantially associated as vocational co-worker members of the Camphill movement in its various organisations in the Republic of Ireland. Grants or loans are made on an annual basis, on the basis of certain needs only, and not based on length of service. It will be assumed that an applicant will benefit fully from state or other supports available. As the Trust works on a discretionary basis, no guarantees can be given for recurring awards.

 Who are the Trustees?

The current Trustees are:

  • Michael Hailey (Chair)
  • Mary Berney
  • Kieron Brennan
  • Eddie Brophy (Treasurer)
  • Tom Daly
  • Mark Dwan
  • Tim O’Hanrahan
  • Pearse O’Shiel is the Secretary to the Trust.

The Trustees meet quarterly, usually in March, June, September and December.

How are Trustees chosen?

The Trust Deed provides for a minimum of three and a maximum of nine Trustees. Nominations are made by the Council of Camphill Communities of Ireland Ltd. in consultation with the Board of Trustees of CCT.

Who can apply to the Trust?

Applications to the Trust are normally made by a community on behalf of an eligible individual who has been in a Camphill community for five years or more. But, in exceptional circumstances, an application may be made directly by the individual himself or herself.

How are applications for support to the CCT dealt with?

Applications are considered by the Applications’ Sub-committee of the Trust and recommendations made to the quarterly meeting of the Trustees. The Sub-committee may seek further information from the applicant before making its recommendation. The Trustees consider all recommendations and their decision is final.

What information is sought in an application?

A detailed application form must be completed, setting out the full details of the applicant's present circumstances and a description of his or her future needs. Supporting documentation may be requested. Applicants may also be asked to attend for an interview.

The full application form is available from The Secretary, to whom all correspondence should be addressed.

What if I no longer live in Camphill but have lived in a number of Camphill communities in Ireland and elsewhere?

An application should be made through the last community you lived in or the community in which you spent most time. The Association of Camphill Communities in the UK and Ireland will try to collaborate so that any application that involves support from more than one Trust can be co-ordinated.

What can an individual do if he or she is not happy with the community's response to their request for support?

An individual may apply to the Trust Secretary directly if they are not happy with their community’s response. Their completed request will then be brought to the Applications’ Sub-committee for consideration in the normal way.

For further information about the Trust or for a copy of the Guide to the Camphill Community Trust please contact the Secretary

Name Pearse O'Shiel
Address Camphill Community Mountshannon, Mountshannon, Co. Clare
Phone 087 6745486

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