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Making a difference in the lives of others

Vocational Volunteer Vacancies

For some people who join Camphill it becomes more of a vocation and their community feels very much like their family and place in life. And while this way of life can no doubt be demanding and challenging, day to day life is meaningful and rewarding. Camphill is always looking for people that may consider joining as an individual, family or maybe at a later stage in  life. Such people's life experince adds to the fabric of community life. And while few may dedicate their whole life to such a cause, some people give 3-5 years to help run and manage a community and be part of this amazing and ambitous social endeavour. Some communities have dedicated family accommodation that is attached to a house community.


All communities would be delighted to talk with you and answer your questions about longterm Vocational Volunteering. We would generally strongly encourage an exploratory visit that can help to give an insight into the day to day life of the community and create clarity for you as well as for the community whether this way of life may be for you. We will also help families to identify options in relation to schools for children and give advice on how to find ways to adjust to this different way of life as a family.


All vocational volunteers will be supported through training and induction, to help people find their bearings and understand the professional aspects that are a part of this way of life. Where people make a 3-5 years commitment communities will generally explore with people other training options including studying at third level or finding specific courses or programmes. Where the community financially supports such training or thrid level study fees they may insist on a commitment to return in service within the community


Camphill will endeavor to support individuals who have given several years as a vocational volunteer in Camphill to make a transition to their next stage in life whether financially or humanly, as we recognise the huge contributions that such individuals and families make to the life of the community, and wish to support people after they leave Camphill to the extent possible.


Lifesharing Live-In long term residential volunteers From 01 Jun 2018

Camphill Community Mountshannon is looking for House Coordinators. We welcome applications from single, couples or families, prepared to join our young community as enthusiastic and responsible long term coworkers, with an interest in Camphill life and Ethos, preferably with experience in community living, social care although this is not essential.


We need people who can help us carry the responsability and consciousness of our community and to participate in all aspects of our daily life, together with a team of long term coworkers and employees.

Applicants need to be open and willing to carry administrative tasks and to work in accordance with the National Standards for Social Care.

Our houses are in separate locations on the edges of a small village and integration in every day life of the village is very important to us.

Initial expressions of interest to

Period:Minimum 2 years:Minimum age:25

Period: Minimum 2 years Minimum Age 25
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