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Volunteer Vacancies

Volunteers form the backbone of many of our communities and such experiences can be hugely rewarding. Maybe it is something you are interested in. Being a volunteer does require enthusiasm and perseverance. Many volunteers come from abroad and Have a look at Residential Volunteering Opportunities in one of our community households. 


homemaker From 01 Jul 2017

We are offering the position of homemaker in our smallest household. If you enjoy to provide an inviting and ordered home to a a small team of co-workers and one or two persons with disabilities, this is your place.

Your home in the  beautiful seaside location of Camphill Ballymoney adjacent to our sunny vegetable garden and our community room, so it can be a lively household for parts of the day.

You will receive thorough induction training in this role; furhter training in disability studies can be offered.                                                             This is a live-in position and you will be supported in your task by an employed housecoordinator.                                                                            Together you and the volunteer care supporters in the house will support a woman with a disability in her independent living unit in the house in all her every day needs.

Once fully inducted you will become co-responsible for the overall running of the household and will be tasked to introduce a new resident to our vibrant little community.  

Prior experience in the area of disabilities a must. Training appreciated. We prefer applicants, who are willing to become a driver for the community.  

Period: Minimum 2 years Minimum Age 24
Ballymoney Community View Hereballymoney CommunityApply Now
For more info contact: Please contact Elke Williams

Long Term Residential Volunteers / House Parents in a life sharing household From 01 Aug 2017


We are looking for House Parents, and we welcome applications from single people or couples, prepared to join us as enthusiastic and responsible co-workers, with an interest in Camphill life and preferably some experience in community living, although this is not essential. The house communities are at the heart of life at The Bridge. We need people who can help us carry the responsibility and consciousness of our community and to participate in all aspects of our daily life, working as part of a wider team with our dedicated employees, volunteers, younger residential volunteers and social care professionals.

English language is key requirement. Full induction and training into the role will be provided as well as mandatory external training. Reflective supervision is provided on a one to one basis at regular intervals.

Period: Minimum 2 years Minimum Age 25
The Bridge Community View Herethebridge CommunityApply Now
For more info contact: Ben Gamble 00353 45 481597 or 00353 851311608

Lifesharing Live-In long term residential volunteers From 01 Aug 2017

Camphill Community Mountshannon is in the early stages of looking for House Coordinators for a potential new house in the Community. We welcome applications from single, couples or families, prepared to join our young community as enthusiastic and responsible coworkers, with an interest in Camphill life and Ethos, preferably with experience in community living, social care although this is not essential.


We need people who can help us carry the responsability and consciousness of our community and to participate in all aspects of our daily life, together with a team of long term coworkers and employees.

Applicants need to be open and willing to carry administrative tasks and to work in accordance with the National Standards for Social Care.

What we are envisioning is a third residential house, commencing mid 2017 approx. Our community life includes: a supported independent living programme; a developing day service;a weavery; a basket weavery and a small garden/farm which we are in the early stages of transforming into a Social farm.Our houses are in separate locations on the edges of a small village and integration in every day life of the village is very important to us.

Initial expressions of interest to

Period:Minimum 2 years:Minimum age:25

Period: Minimum 2 years Minimum Age 25
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For more info contact:

2 Lifesharing Live-In Long-term Co-Worker From 01 Sep 2017

Camphill Community Grangemockler is looking for an individual or a couple with several years of Camphill experience and ideally an anthroposophic education who could lead and drive the cultural and spiritual life of the community. The person we are looking for must be fully committed to the Camphill ethos and knowledgeable in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and how these are applied in Social Therapy and willing to teach others as well as lead by example. The person or couple would not be expected to be part of the day-to-day management of the community but their responsibility would be the cultural and spiritual life of the community. This may be suitable for a long-term co-worker looking to move into semi-retirement but remain living in a community.

In-depth knowledge of and commitment to the Camphill ethos, social therapy and anthroposophy. The person should be of good character and ideally be experienced in organising and leading cultural events and teaching.

Period: Longterm Minimum Age 23
Grangemockler Community View Heregrangemockler CommunityApply Now
For more info contact: George Frister

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