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May 12, 2016


Ascension day is the 40th day of Easter. We celebrate it every year and the whole communtiy goes out for an outing in the park. This year we choose Gosford park again like last year. Its a good time of the year to have picnic as the weather is sunny and we again re visit the nature reserve as well as different kinds of animals. We had a community walk before and after the picnic and the day went well as everyone really had a great time with the nature walk and the summer sunshine!







March 23, 2016


The Easter Festival in Camphill Ballybay

Very sooon we will be celebrating Easter. It is a wonderful festival, set as it is into the early Springtime, with the coming of new life, new light, and the promise of milder days to come.

In the Christian year, Easter can only be gained by going through the days of Holy week, and thus preparing inwardly to celebrate the festival.

Many of you will think that all this has just got to do with the Church, with organised religion, and therefore cannot even try to relate to it. However, consider this. Easter and what it is about has to do with each and every one of us, with our inner experiences, our inner divine, and possibilities of redemption in the broadest sense of the word.

You will have gathered by now that the essence of Christianity is something very important to Camphill. We see the Christian festivals as vehicles, or milestones, to carry us through the year, and to celebrate our human nature and our divine nature at the same time. And every time we behold each other with compassion and understanding, it is (either consciously or unconciously) the Christ Being at work in us. This has very little to do with Churches or Religion- but rather to do with personal realities.


March 17, 2016


Paddy's Day, Big Day Out. We enjoy this year's StPatrick's Festival Parade in excellent weather conditions today in Monaghan!.The streets of Monaghan were awash with colour as the 2016 Parade,themed Imagine If…



February 14, 2016

Its Valentines Day and everyone is busy preparing for lunch party. Its the first time to celebrate Valentines party in Brighid house after how many months of refurbishment. The atmosphere was perfect, a lots of Love decorations around the house and ofcourse we had a chance to taste different kinds of cuisine from different countries made by coworkers. The day went great and we had so much fun!


February 9, 2016

Pancake Race


December 10, 2015 CHRISTMAS PARTY


November 22, 2015  CHRISTMAS CRAFT SALE

Traditionally, we have a Craft Sale for Christmas.
Our community sells different kind of things from our
workshops: beautiful candles, colorful weaving stuff,
delicious cakes and waffles and our own organic
grown vegetables, jams, juices. Our tea room turned
into flea market and that was the highlight for most of
the visitors. We had 3 raffles in which you could win
for example, a basket full of Camphill products.
Thank you for all the people who came and supported
us with donations. We hope for many more
people and for better weather on Summer craft sale
next year! Congratulations to all the Raffle Winners:
1st Prize: Patrick O’Neil who won the Lamp
2nd Prize: Carmel Ray who got the Galway crystal
3rd Prize: Mildred Clarke - Care Chemist hamper
4th Prize: Lucy Moffet - Ballybay Chemist hamper


October 30, 2015     HALLOWEEN PARTY

We always celebrate Halloween with Raymond’s Birthday. We all dressed up in different spooky scary costumes and Raymond chose to be a wicked witch this year. We gathered together in the hall which was decorated in a Jungle theme with lots of spider webs by Natasja. We had variety of creepy and horrifying foods like bloodly sausage fingers, a pumpkin vomiting guacamole and spooky cupcakes. After eating, we had games and the spine tingling dance party. Ofcourse, we had a matching sound track for the dancing which everyone enjoyed. So, out and out we had a wonderful creepy evening.                                                                                                                                                                                                                



October 1, 2015

On Thursday, the 1st of October we celebrated Michealmas day in our community. It is the feast of Micheal the Archangel. One day before we started our preparations: Some of the residents and co-worker harvested the vegetables from our garden and prepared them in the Hall. The art-class painted a big picture of St. Micheal and the dragon which we hang up next to the altar and the weavers decorated the table for lunch.

On Thursday morning we had a service in the Hall where we lit seven candles, sang a Michealmas hymn and Bible reading.

After the service we started to prepare for our Michealmas lunch: Each house prepared one meal. We had soup, stew, gulash, breadbuns from our bakery, salad and cakes for our community lunch. After the meal we sang Michealmas hymns and Sigi shared a story about Michealmas “St. Micheal and the Dragon” which everyone enjoyed. It was a lovely day indeed.




August 15, 2015

On Saturday 15th August Alan, Kevin o'Kelly, John an myself were in Tydavnet show. Pauline bought us there. There were a lot of people at the show. We walked around there and had burger and chips. At 3:00 we got on our horses. There were people to lead us around in a big circle. Then we had to salute to a Judge standing in the circle. Myself came first, Alan was the second and John was third. We got a place and a rosette. We really enjoyed the show.

  Raymond Lee



Christmas in Camphill Ballybay

Published on: Wed 1st Jan, 2014

Christmas is the most important holy day in the Christian World and here in Camphill it couldn't be different. We always start in November with the Play rehearsal following by the Advent Christmas throughout December. Everything is so special and we celebrate it in a very meaningful way.

Naomi's Christening

Published on: Thu 12th Dec, 2013

We have a new member in our Community, the baby girl Naomi born on 14th September, and we are very delighted to take part in her Christening last 12th December. Thank Veronica and Rene to share this so special moment with us.

Christmas Party

Published on: Sun 1st Dec, 2013

The year passed so fast and it's December again. And here we go to the Christmas Party having a lot of fun. This year it was just amazing: the food, the music, all friends together, an unforgetable evening.

Rememberance Evening

Published on: Wed 13th Nov, 2013

As every year, we take the time to remember those who passed away and it is always a very special moment . This year it was not different, we lit candles for them, read poems and played a song in their memories.

Halloween Party

Published on: Fri 1st Nov, 2013

Since time imemorial Halloween has been celebrated in Ireland as a ceremonial part of the years passage: the Summer was over and the land needed to rest during the Winter to prepare for Spring´s rebirth. In the Festival of Samhain, as it was called, they also lit a bonfire to send the harmful spirits away, as they believed in that day the Portal of the Otherworld would be open, allowing the souls of the departed come back to their homes.

Nowadays, although the meaning has changed, we still celebrate Halloween as a big party and on the 31st October we all dressed up and danced until late, it was great fun.

Family Day

Published on: Mon 21st Oct, 2013

Last 20th October we had a great day in Camphill Ballybay gathering together for the Family Day. Also, we enjoyed the occasion to plant a tree in memory of Edgar Robb. It was very moving for everyone present.

Michaelmas Day

Published on: Sun 29th Sep, 2013

One of the most special days in Camphill is Michaelmas Day when we celebrate and give thanks for the harvest and the strength which will carry us through the dark winter months.

In the same day we presented an adaptation of the play "The green snake and beautiful Lily" which tell us a story of people coming together and overcoming their weaknesses.

The King of Ireland's Son

Published on: Mon 19th Aug, 2013

From 13th to 18th August our Community was visited by Patricia, the Storyteller who worked with us on a part of "The King of Ireland's Son". We were all drawn into the tale which we formed according to our own ideas in playing games fitting to Gillie's and Moirac's journey who set out on their quest - Moirac to find the magical Rowanberries that give eternal life and beauty, Gillie to find a woman who will give him his whole heart. We acted their stories, made music for the telling, created costumes and scenery that all came together in a final performance.
It was a fantastic feeling to follow through the different stories in the tale and to make it our own and much more to see everybody work on it together putting in a lot of effort to make the perfomance at the end of the week as good as possible - and it was fantastic! We are grateful for a week full of storytelling, inspiration and fun.

Kevin O'Kelly's Birthday

Published on: Thu 1st Aug, 2013

There was great excitement here in the community when Kevin O'Kelly took to the skies in a helicopter. This was a 50th birthday present and made possible by the generosity of local businessman Robert Moffet.

Milking in Ballybay

Published on: Sat 1st Sep, 2012

Most people may not know, but since September 2009 our community started to milk cows again. Pictures in the community give proof that people did milk before in the community but the year of appearence of those pictures is unknown. It may be 10 or 15 years ago.
Since our cow Susan gave birth to `Vincent` in September last year we started to milk her by hand while the calf was still suckling its mother. In November, one day after Saint Martin, Claire gave birth to `Martin`. Soon we also started to milk her.
Since December / January both calves have stopped suckling and we kept on milking alone. We milked by hand and received around 12 – 16 litres a day. We started to buy less milk. In January 2010 the milking machine was finally installed and we could start to use it.
Quick the cows got used to it and the amount of milk increased – we had around 25 litres a day. At that point all orders for milk had stopped and we had enough milk for everybody in the community. We started to make more yoghurt on our own and since March we stopped to buy yoghurt as well.
Since May our cows are staying outside on the field again and we have around 30 litres of milk a day. To give the cows a better rhythm of milking we started to milk before breakfast at 7.00am in May. In the afternoon we milk after 2nd teabreak around 4.45pm. Our milk is cleaned and cooled straight after milking and goes into the fridge immediately.

From now onwards we will try to have our own milk during the whole year. After 9 or 10 months of milking we will stop to milk Susan in June/July and Claire 2 months later. But hopefully we have already

Summer Party 2012

Published on: Tue 31st Jul, 2012

Living in Camphill means to live in a situation which changes all the time. Although we have the same rhythms and festivals every year, the persons we celebrate them with are not always the same. We live in a constant flow of new friends coming and leaving and we welcome the new ones with a big party. We have nice sandwiches, chips, tea, soda drinks and a lot of music, dance and fun.

Outing to the American Folk Park

Published on: Sun 13th May, 2012

On the Thursday 13th of May we went for an outing – it was the Ascension day. After breakfast we prepared sandwiches, cheese muffins, chocolate cake and black tea for the picnic. We took two buses and left at 11:45. The weather was very windy. Thomas was taking pictures of the chicken. We were walking and seeing some old houses with the fire inside, it was smoky. I saw the ship and the school. My favorite place was the ship. On the way back we listened to my cds.
By Brendan Stewart

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