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Life in Camphill

Camphill is based on the acceptance of the spiritual uniqueness of each human being, regardless of disability, or religious or racial background. It is the conviction of those who work in Camphill that beneath any outer physical disability, emotional disturbance or failure of motivation, each individual's being remains unimpaired and whole.

Inspired by this ideal Camphill communities offer those in need of special care a sheltered environment to meet their educational, therapeutic and social needs.

In our communities the volunteer co-workers and those with special needs share all the work that has to be done - household tasks, gardening, land work, and crafts. Everyone helps and works side-by-side, each learning from the other.

The cultural life is very strong; the rhythms of the farming year, of the seasons, of the celebration of the great yearly festivals have a special place in the life of the communities.

In this environment of creative idealism and personal striving those in care thrive and develop. 

Living spaces and buildings are designed and constructed in the light of Camphill's therapeutic insights - with an eye to shapes and colours. The care of the land is central to community life, as is the growing of healthy and untainted food.

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Map of all the Camphill Communities in Ireland

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