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Update Thursday, 29 October 2020


Significant progress has been made in addressing deficiencies identified by HIQA during the summer in a number of Camphill Communities of Ireland (CCoI) centres. CCoI’s CEO, Ann Sheehan, said that the centres concerned are all working through individual compliance plans to address the issues raised – with many of the issues identified having already been resolved.

Ms Sheehan explained that community members with support needs and their families have been briefed over recent weeks on the issues raised by HIQA in the reports issued today (see links below) and the measures being taken to tackle them.

“In broad terms, the issues of non-compliance highlighted by HIQA are around staffing, governance/administration and protection. These are important matters and are being attended to as a matter of urgency.

“Thankfully, HIQA have found – by and large – that are community members are happy with the service and we know from our recent meetings that the families are too.”

Ann Sheehan explained that many of the issues highlighted by HIQA relate to Camphill’s ongoing journey on two fronts – firstly, moving from what was largely a volunteer-led model of service to one that is led and run by people with specialised professional skills and secondly, transitioning from a highly devolved structure in terms of management and operations to a more centralised model.

“In Camphill, we have been working to do this while also maintaining the strong community ethos which has been central to our way of working and which community members and their families have placed such a strong value on. So, in a nutshell, we in Camphill have been on – and are still on – a journey moving from one way of working to another and the issues identified by HIQA capture some of the issues that we have been and are addressing as part of this transition,” Ms Sheehan concluded.















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