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Volunteer carers are known as co-workers

Volunteering from overseas

In Camphill the volunteer carers are known as co-workers. They live and work alongside people with intellectual disabilities and other special needs in one of eighteen Camphill communities in the Republic of Ireland. Co-workers come from around the globe and from diverse backgrounds. They come to Camphill for different reasons and for different lengths of time.

Ways of volunteering in Camphill include: doing Zivildienst im Ausland or a freiwilliges soziales Jahr if you're coming from Germany; or doing a gap year abroad if you're coming from elsewhere.

Working as a volunteer

Work undertaken can include personal support for individuals; cooking and cleaning for households; farming, gardening, and craft work.

As Camphill places are life sharing situations the line between work and living is not distinct -while we do 'work' in our houses outside of workshop time, caring for the home one lives in as well as involvement in social and celebratory activities is a natural part of life everywhere. Life in community is richer the more co-workers regard their involvement in these aspects of community life as looking after their own home and socialising and celebrating for themselves.

Living & working in Camphill

Young people often join a Camphill community for a short period. They give valuable help in the running of households, craft workshops, the working of the land and educational activities. 

For everyone in the community the basic impulse is that members work together to build a healing environment that encourages each person to develop his or her full potential.

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Map of all the Camphill Communities in Ireland


Jan 01 1970

Local volunteer - starting date flexible


Minimum Age 18

Duration Minimum 6 months

At all our Communities we always welcome new volunteers to join our dynamic team of volunteers. There are many ways in which people can volunteer in our community and many different areas, some of which are:

  • House Workshop - cooking, baking, cleaning, looking after the domestic garden
  • Garden Workshop
  • Farm Workshop
  • Liveskills program

Some communties also have a basket making workshop, a candle making workshop, a pottery or art & craft workshop

If you have a spare few hours a week and would like to become involved in some way in our community please fill in the application form or phone Noortje van Deursene who will be happy to discuss options with you.

Jan 01 1970



Minimum Age 0

Duration Minimum 3 months



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