Christine Beier

Volunteer 2011/2012

I came to Ireland with the intention of improving my English. I wanted to do something else, than studying and sitting in school. I wanted to work with my hands, and be in the nature. I wanted to get an idea of the work with special needs people; and all that I got in Camphill Dingle. 

I was mainly working in the kitchen and in the garden, but I also had the chance, to work in the candle workshop. Even though I knew all this tasks already; it was a challenge for me again and again to discover new things and that not only in my working areas.


Life was never boring, and sometimes even adventures, when we were climbing up mountains for example. It is so much fun to be able to share these experiences with great people, who can become real friends. Camphill is like a very big family, you always feel welcome in the community and taking part in every activity; when we met other "Camphillers" in the music week for instance, they were not strangers at all.

There is a lot going on in the community, like festivals, open days and birthday parties, but also in the local community, in Dingle there are festivals, with dancing, parades, and not to forget all the different types of music, and the pubs with their famous traditional Irish music.

Self Awareness

Sometimes it was not easy, because you are asked a lot and the space for privacy is relatively small. But I learned so much about myself, to have patience with people and not to give out or become angry so fast e.g., rather to calm down and solve the problem later quietly. I learned to take over responsibility and to stand up for myself. And to understand myself and other people better, because especially special needs people can reflect your own problems or emotions very well.

Even when it was raining (it did that quite often) the landscape is so amazing and in combination with these nice people it made me feel like I would be there already for whole my life. I am so lucky and happy that I was able to have such a nice year with you guys!

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