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The Garden

We grow our own vegetables, salads, a lot of flowers and herbs and berries to make jam. We have 2 Polytunnels where we can grow plants that need a bit more shelter from the strong winds and in some periods the almost daily rain.

We are lucky to have the farm from where we get manure from our cows and donkeys.

Because we are so close to the sea, from where we can collect seaweed, we are able to grow almost everything without fertilizer from outside sources, which helps in our goal to become as selfsufficient and environmentally friendly as possible in everything we do.

The garden gives meaningful work and possiblities to devolop a lot of skills.

You can learn how it is to drive a wheelbarrow, how to make good compost and how it feels to touch the earth and you can learn to use your hands and experience how to grow food.

Even to study how stars influence the growth of plants.

You can enjoy the beauty of flowers - there is always something to do, to see or to experience in the garden. The garden gives something to everybody's physical, emotional and spiritual well beeing. We truly love every aspect of our garden!

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