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 7 households with biodynamic farm

About Duffcarrig Community

Duffcarrig is near Gorey on the coast of north Country Wexford, was the first Camphill in the Republic of Ireland and was founded in 1972. The original intention was a working community for young adults with an intellectual disability but from the beginning the community was open to accepting people in need of a supportive living and working environment. We have grown to consist of 7 households, each working like an expanded family, in which those with special needs and co-workers create their home together and share their lives in an atmosphere of mutual caring and respect.

We maintain a 25 hectare village with a biodynamic farm and garden and have workshops for weaving, pottery, laundry and arts &crafts. Together with the work of creating a home (for example through cooking, cleaning and homemaking) and maintaining our houses and estate, it is possible to find a way for everyone to contribute to community life.

Our community creates a space for people with a large variety of disabilities, some of them in need of specialised one-to-one support. As many of our residents have grown older with the community and have reached retirement age, this has created a challenge for Duffcarrig in helping them continue to have rich and full lives. These individuals have created a new type of social life in the community through activity groups catering to their needs and of course continue to contribute through ongoing participation in our usual social and domestic life. More specialised therapies and medical care is provided as needed.

Our community is located in the rural-urban hinterland around Gorey. The 'sunny' south-east of Ireland has always been a place for summer holiday-making for people from elsewhere in Ireland. Growth in the past ten years has also been spurred by developments catering to those who live in north Wexford but commute to Dublin each day. Those who visit regularly or have settled here are attracted by the natural beauty of the area especially the lovely beaches. Our closest beach is a 5 minute walk from Duffcarrig and is a special place. Those who visit Duffcarrig often comment on the wonderful sense of peace created by the beautiful environment in which we live.

We work, play, meet and interact with one another, strive to understand our place in our intentional community and as an intentional community. These are the things that provide some of the many rewards and challenges of community life in Camphill Duffcarrig.

So come on in and have a browse around our other pages to find out more about our community!

Contact Duffcarrig

Address  Gorey
Co. Wexford 
Phone  +353 (0) 53 9425911 

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