Aug 15 2023

Short Term Volunteer

Co-Worker / Vocational

Minimum Age 18

Duration Minimum 1 year

Dunshane Camphill Community is looking for outgoing young people to join our life sharing community working alongside adults with support needs. This role involves living in a household together with people with special needs, supporting them in their day-to-day needs and work life and would best suit empathetic, caring and responsible people with a strong sense of commitment. We look forward to hearing from you. English language is a key requirement for the role. Full training and induction into the role will be provided as well as mandatory external training. Reflective supervision is provided on a one to one basis at regular intervals.

For non EU nationals - please be aware that a Preclearance authorisation and or Visa needs to be applied for from the Irish Department of Justice, perparation and application process can take 5 - 6 months or more. 

Good English Language Skills required. 


Contact Dunshane

Address  Brannockstown
Co. Kildare
Phone   +353 (0) 45 483628 

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