Greenacres Camphill Community

30 Dale Road


County Dublin




Aug 27 2023

Short-term volunteer

Co-Worker / Vocational

Minimum Age 18

Duration Minimum 1 year

Male and Female Volunteers.

We are always looking for motivated, energetic and responsible volunteers interested in joining our life sharing community to live and work alongside adults with special needs.

You will join a vibrant team of about 2 young adults volunteers from different countries. The role involves:

  • Living in a household in the community together with adults with special needs
  • Supporting them in their day to day needs and work life.

Full training and induction into the role will be provided as well as mandatory external training. Reflective supervision is provided on a one to one basis at regular intervals.

This role would best suit empathetic, caring and responsible people with a strong sense of commitment.

Good English is essential and preference is given to those who can commit for the full year.

A keen interest in adults with special needs is required.

An interest in social care, art, music, gardening, homemaking or a specific craft is an advantage. 

For non EU nationals - please be aware that a Preclearance authorisation and or Visa needs to be applied for from the Irish Department of Justice, which can take between 6 months or more. 

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