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About Kyle Community

Camphill Kyle is a small land based community is situated on a right hand side cul de sac off the Callan/Windgap road approx. 2miles off the Clonmel- Kilkenny by-pass outside Callan.  Camphill Kyle comprises of 6 houses/apartments and ancillary buildings located amongst a number of private houses in a cul de sac giving the atmosphere of a small rural village.

There is easy access to Killkenny, Waterford and Clonmel which are larger cities with good shopping, theatres, concerts and recreation.

Kyle itself occupies approximately 26 acres (10.5 hectares) of beautiful farmland, orchards  and garden.

The People

In Camphill Kyle community , there are 16 adults with intellectual disabilities ,  short term co-workers and employees work together. Our residents have very different level of  needs; some of them fairly independent while others need extra support. The care support is largely provided by an enthusiastic group of young coworkers/volunteers whom have come from all over the wolrd .

  We also employ a number local people to help us with various aspects of our life; they,along with our neighbours help keep us grounded in the locality and in tune with the Irish scene.


Daily Life

Camphill Kyle provides 24-hour, 7-day residential services on a 52 week cycle each year.We also provide day placement services from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, onsite and offsite.

Some of our residents also participate in day activities, such as woodcraft, weaving, etc., offsite in other Camphill communities or with other organizations.The day activities ordinarily take place between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Camphill Kyle has 4 main houses and 2 small houses.Volunteers do not live in the main houses ,but are accommodated in seperate living spaces on site. Volunteers are attached to houses and are an essential addition to the house and people's lives.

Our community is permeated by its cultural life. This is vital for the development of the spirit and nourishment of the soul. A wide range of cultural activities also enrich our lives in Camphill Kyle Community, these include: plays, drama and musicals,concerts and performances by ourselves and others,choir and singing, bell choir,exhibitions, talks and lectures, slideshows, special Community celebrations and gatherings of people from other Camphill Communities in Ireland, birthday celebrations,open days,basket weaving, cooking and baking, pottery, gardening, farming including milking and looking after animals, weaving,repairs and maintenance, horse riding; (offsite), using a gym (offsite),cultural tours (offsite),massage, cinema, theatre and pub outings (offsite) and so on.

There is also KCAT, the local art and study centrewhich is a particularly popular venue where a variety of art and drama courses can be attended on a full-time or part-time basis.

Kyle Community is more than a work  place. We feel very committed to providing therapies for those who need them. To that end we have designed and built a therapy centre with designated spaces for massage, art, movement (eurythmy) and hydrotherapy.

We also have a beautiful small hall that we use for concerts, festivals and celebrations, and a smaller recreation room for playing pool and for parties.

Home Life

In Camphill Kyle, we work together as a team similar to a household  which creates a great oppurtunity to meet and live with so many different people. This also help us to create a home.

The home life is very busy during the days. each individual has their own task to be achieved during the days. Their contributions creat a great atmosphere in the houses and in the community. The daily life gets its break for tea breaks ( 11.00 am) , for lunch (1.00 pm) and for juice breaks( 4. pm) and the workshops finish at 5.30 pm.  However, there are times to relax, listen to music or watch a video, read or play games; and on a long summer evening to go out for a walk or play outside.

Contact Kyle

Address  Kyle Camphill Community
Co. Kilkenny R95 HN82
Phone  +353 (0) 56 7725737 

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