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Weaving Workshop

Renate runs the weavery, and between her and Pearse, there is always a fire in the wood stove when the sun is hiding. Normally though, the room is bright and sunny,with several large windows that leave it well lit. Our first purpose-built building, the weavery was finished in mid 2011, with operations beginning in July. We have a total of five foot-looms, which works out very well for us. There is a loom just the right size for each of the three residents who work them: a small one for Carol, a larger one for Richard, and the largest for Neil, though Neil originally started off on the first and smallest loom until a gracious donor made it possible for him to have one better suited to his size. In the weavery we make rugs, hand bags, scarves and table runners, and are considering adding draft excluders to that list. Our woven goods are used by many people in the local community of Mountshannon, as well as by us. They are well-made, colorful and practical.

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