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Fundraising Code of Conduct

Fundraising is an credibly important part of Camphill’s income each year. Our Council passed a resolution regarding the statement of guiding principles for fundraising in June 2014. It is the Council’s belief that all funds from whatever source need to be safeguarded and used for the specific purpose for which the funds have been donated.

Below we have licks to our Donor Charter, Board Resolution on the Guiding Principles for Fundraising, Camphill Communities of Ireland Procedure for Handling Fundraising Feedback & Complaints and our Commitment to Standards in Fundraising Practice. 

Useful Links

Irish Charities Tax Reform Group is a leadership organisation working on behalf of charities to enhance the conditions for a vibrant and independent charity sector in Ireland. ICTRG promotes the implementation of policies to optimize the financial value of donations (by charity friendly tax reform) and underpin public and donor confidence in charities. For more information on the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising, please click here.

More information on Fundraising Best Practice is available here.

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