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Mountshannon is located in County Clare, in the western part of Ireland, on the banks of Lough Derg. The garden at Camphill Mountshannon is approximately one acre in size, divided into 2 parts, each named for the house it is closest to. Clai garden is the main center for gardening. It has three polytunnels that allow us to extend our growing season to year round. Inis Garden is where our donkeys stay. They contribute manure for both gardens. Both Clai and Inis gardens support potatoes and carrots, with Clai garden growing leeks, onions, Swiss chard, beets, black currents, strawberries, raspberries and more.

Ricardo, our gardener, began studying Biodynamics 33 years ago. He worked commercially as a gardener for over twenty years, coming to Camphill Oakland Park in England in 2004. There he had a chance to implement what he had learned in his study of biodynamics. By the time he came to Mountshannon, in 2010, he was a very experienced gardener indeed and an inspired teacher of biodynamic principles.Plans for the future of the garden include working more closely with the local Seed Savers organization, located in nearby Taumgraney, as well as adding more animals for manure production, but the garden will always be a place where co-workers and residents work side by side, and where people can develop their skills as gardeners while talking, laughing and getting to know each other. Of course our garden is also a source of food. In fact, a large portion of our vegetables are grown there, supplying our tables from March to November.

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