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KCAT's Equinox Theatre Company

Equinox Theatre Company

We are an ensemble. We work together constantly and in collaboration with other professional theatre artists to create our own brand of theatre. Our own brand of theatre is inclusive on as many levels as we can manage. That means that our work uses beautiful language, but it does not entirely rely on language because some of us choose not to communicate verbally and so we understand that some of our audience probably choose not to engage with the world aurally. We try to engage our audience with strong imagery - sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. But always trying to hold our own mirror up to our world. We want to say things like we see them. We want to tell the truth. We have chosen to become actors - this means that we want to be accepted as such. We understand that this does not happen instantly, but slowly and we are continuing to make our work regardless.

For the latest on our upcoming productions and all about us and our ensemble please visit our website.



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