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fostering artistic abilities

About KCAT

The idea of KCAT Art & Study Centre had its earliest beginnings in 1993. George McCutcheon - Invited artist at the Sculpture Society Of Ireland Symposium 1992.For years we had recognised the remarkable artistic ability of George McCutcheon, a member of our community who has Down syndrome. Camphill Ballytobin was participating in HORIZON, a European Union initiative that funded innovative projects. A German partner project offered to mount an exhibition of Georgie's work in three cities. This was a tremendous success and was the spur to develop another HORIZON-funded project with six artists with disabilities each pursuing their own career in creative and professional terms.

This experience made it clear that we would need to develop a social and cultural context for the work, an encouraging environment that would allow for mutual stimulation and support and interaction with many other artists - and so the ideas for the Art and Study Centre gradually evolved.

The EU grant strongly encouraged interaction with progressive projects in other European countries and KCAT made very valuable links with the best arts and mental disability projects in Europe - particularly in Scotland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

These projects are working together to develop the concept and practice of differentiated arts, striving to develop a creative context in which able and disabled artists can participate and interact as equals.

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