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Hi folks, much of the general information for living and working in Camphill Kyle can be found on the Kyle homepage and in our pages on home life, work and activities, so please check them out. Below you will find more specific information which we hope will help you find your way to Kyle.

Applying to come to Kyle

If you are interested in spending some time in Kyle please contact Inga Schmager, Camphill Kyle, Coolagh, Callan, Co Kilkenny, Ireland Tel. 0353 (0)56 77 25 737 email: Inga is responsile for the recruitment of volunteers.  

Once you make contact with us, Inga will guide you through the application process and will talk with you in more depth to give you as much information to enable you to obtain a flavour of Camphill Kyle in order to help you reach a decision on whether the life of a volunteer is for you.

You can  go directly to our on-line application form on the Vacancies page of our website for the actual application form.

When you apply to Kyle please think carefully about how long you can commit to being here: if you offer a year we will expect you to stay for 12 months, if you are only free for 10 months or less please say so. It is confusing and disruptive if we do not have the necessary information to plan effectively, and last-minute changes are a problem for everyone.

People working in care situations such as ours are advised by the Health Authorities to consider vaccination against hepatitis B. If you wish to be vaccinated, please arrange it before you come.

Travel to Kyle

Camphill Kyle is situated in Co Kilkenny in the South East of  the country.  It is easiest to fly into Dublin Airport and get one of the many regular buses to Callan which is our local town.  From there you will be collected by a member of Camphill Kyle and introduced to our Kyle family.


Practical Needs, Money and Health Care

Volunteers receive €50 a week pocket money and  €63 per month for holidays once they have been with us over three months.  Accommodation and  food and basic toiletries (soap, shampoo etc) are provided by Kyle.  Telephone (landline) and internet (Wifi) are free. You will need to bring clothing suitable for cold and wet weather and for working outside on the farm and garden. We also ask that you bring some smart clothes for celebrations and festivals.  Bath towels and bed linen are also supplied free.

Volunteers from European Union (EU) countries must bring their European Health Insurance Card.

 It is advisable to have your teeth checked and dealt with before coming. If you do not come from a country in the EU, you will need to arrange private medical insurance before you come for the time that you are in Ireland. 

Free time and holidays

Everyone has one free day and one evening off during the week. You are entitled to 4 weeks holidays during the year but before arranging holidays this must be discussed in your house community to ensure that it is practically suitable at any particular time.


In general, we are happy to host your friends and family for short visits. However, there are various conditions attached to this. Any proposed visits must be discussed in the house community before plans are made to ensure that the timing of the visit is suitable for everyone. We feel it is usually better that you don't receive visitors during your first three months in Kyle so that you can concentrate on settling into the community.  

Is this for you?

Living in our community can be a great opportunity. It might sometimes be challenging in the beginning, when everything is new, to share not only the house but also one's life with those we support and with other co-workers from many different countries. Everyone has their own room of course but it can still feel quite intense, especially in the beginning to be surrounded by other people nearly all the time. At the same time, it can be great fun. It's a very idealistic way of life and a great possibility to learn about oneself through learning about the needs and gifts of others.

We look forward to welcoming you here and are confident you will have a positive experience.

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