Traditionally, land based activities have been very important in terms of activity and ambience in Camphill Communities. Its not just about eating healthy, wholesome food, its also the curative element of being in touch with the seasons and nature.

We are lucky that the only allotments in the County are right next to Farmhill house and even luckier to jump the queue because of the therapeutic nature of our work. This allotment has been extended over the three seasons we have had it. Added to this, the back garden in Dale has a glasshouse and fruit trees. All in all, there is plenty for us to do in the growing season.

Another arm of our gardening activity is a mini landscape/garden maintenance business. Very mini at the moment with only a couple of customers but something that might grow again in the future. As with all that we do in Camphill, our aim is not just to work or provide for ourselves. There is an equal social object to enhance nature and to be contributing members of society. What better way than creating beautiful and fruitful neighburhoods.

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