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Don't get lost now...

How to find us

Turn off sharp to your left just after the big right turn opening the first view to Dingle Harbour when approaching Dingle on the Mainroad N86. The Signpost says "Dún Seanna". After 500m turn left for Doonsheane 1km down the windy lane. This will bring you to our garden, farm and weaving workshop.

Travelling to Dingle

It is always a good idea to book your train or bus ticket online. Booking online is in general much cheaper then booking your bus or train ticket at the station. Below are the links for the 4 major airports and the links for booking your train ticket and your bus ticket.

 Bus Eireann (Bus Ticket)

Access the Bus Eireann site where you can book your online ticket from anywhere in Ireland.

You can take the bus all the way to Dingle where we can pick you up by car. However be aware that the last bus arrives in Dingle around 7pm. If you arrange it in time we may be able to pick you up in Tralee if you cannot make it to the last bus to Dingle.

 Irish Rail (Train Ticket)

Access the Irish Rail site where you can book your online train ticket from anywhere in Ireland.

You can take the train to Tralee from where a bus can be taken to Dingle. Don't forget to book both your train AND bus ticket online!

 Kerry Airport

Kerry Airport is a small local airport located in Farranfore Co. Kerry. This airport is just under an hour's drive away from Dingle. There are some bus connections to Dingle via Tralee. Use Bus Eireann to check out the times and buy your ticket. In general we will try to arrange a pick up for our volunteers who arrive at Kerry airport but this all depends on the time of arrival and if we can spare a person and a car for the pick up. 

 Cork Airport

Cork Airport is the 2nd largest airport in Ireland after Dublin Airport. Cork Airport is over 2 hours drive from Dingle. We will not be able to arrange a pick up from that location, but there is a good bus connection from Cork Airport to Tralee. You will have to take the shuttle bus from Cork Airport to the main bus station in Cork, which takes about 15 minutes, from there you can take the direct bus to Tralee. From there you get the bus to Dingle if you are early enough.

 Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is the largest Airport in Ireland, but it also is the furthest away from Dingle. It is about a 4 till 5 hours drive from Dingle. From Dublin Airport you can choose to travel to Dingle either by bus or by train. If you choose to travel by train you will need to book a ticket to Tralee from where you have to take the bus to get to Dingle.

 Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport used to be an important airport for all transatlantic flights, but it has now lost some of its former glory. It is well over 2 hours drive from Dingle. From Shannon you will have to take the bus to Dingle, you will have to change bus in Limerick and Tralee, but when you book online you will be able to see if and when you need to change bus.

If you have any further questions about traveling to Dingle you can always contact us by email and we will do our best to answer your questions and get you going!

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