The most westerly Community in Ireland


A Short Introduction to the Community

Camphill Dingle was founded in September 2004 and is the most westerly Community in Ireland. We are far away from all our Camphill neighbours - which means that we are very much involved with our local Community of neighbours and the people of Dingle. Currently , there are 6 adults with special needs living in Tearmann an tSolais.

The people in our Community need varying amounts of care so that we prefer to talk about working alongside each other rather than working with each other. By working alongside each other in a team , people are able to reach their full potential - regardless of their abilities.

 Work Schedule

A normal day would start at 7.30am, helping people to get up and preparing breakfast. at 9.15am there is a morning gathering where the day is looked at and after that the different work teams start. We have a tea break at 11am and lunch at 1pm - after which we all help to clear up so that everyone can have a well-desereved rest. During the lunch break, co-workers need to maintain a certain awareness that everything is alright. Work starts again at 2.45pm. at 4pm there is a break for tea and we finsh work at 5.30pm in order to get back to Tearmann for supper at 6pm. In the evenings there can be social and cultural activities. Sometimes we watch a film together, play games, write letters, make music or go for walks in our beautiful surroundings.


Throughout the year, there are a number of Christian festivals that are celebrated in Camphill. It is expected that you join in so that everyone is able to enjoy the occasion, still receiving the proper care and support that they require. It is also part of our unique experience in Camphill to help create the festivals. Offering your artistic talents or even your goodwill to help create a play or concert will be greatly appreciated

 Free Time and Holidays

Co-workers work 40 hrs a week and when you come for a year you are entitled to 3 weeks holiday. It is important that these times are discussed in the Community as we never close down and the people in our care and also the farm and gardens still need to be attended to. Co-workers are encouraged to stay for Christmas and Easter as these festivals can be very special times in the Community

 Induction and Training

Every co-worker will receive an induction shortly after their arrival. For people coming for 6 months or a year, we offer an Introduction course which covers various aspects of Care, Therapies and an Introduction to Anthroposophy. There is also the possibility of joining the Certificate Course which is offered by the Camphill Communities of Ireland . Co-workers coming on a long term basis are required to join a training course for mature co-workers, again offered by the Camphill Communities of Ireland.

 Pocket money

No volunteer in Camphill receives a wage. As a new volunteer 18 or older, you will receive pocket money of €50 every week. Everyobody who is with us for 4 weeks or less, will not receive any pocket money. When you will be staying with us for a year you will receive holiday money of €50 a month . If you stay for longer than two years, this arrangement will change. It is advisable to bring along adequate clothing for the time of your stay.

 Health insurance

The Communities in Ireland are currently not able to provide any medical cover for people coming for a year - so you are advised to arrange your own insurance coverage. For people from outside of Europe, this is also a requirement in order to obtain a visa on arrival in Ireland. Please note that dental care in Ireland is extremely expensive so you are advised to have any routine dental work completed before your arrival. For people coming for longer periods, exceptions can be made.



Work in Camphill can be physically and mentally demanding - so a good portion of enthusiasm and willingness is important. It is essential that you are open minded and have an interest in other people - be it people with special needs or co-workers of varying cultures and ages - as sharing your life together can be tough. Please be aware that when you have committed to our Community we are counting on you! - so please do not commit to more than one Community


We prefer our volunteers to be at least 18 years of age. This is because we are legally not allowed to leave anybody who is not 18 yet alone with any of our special needs people. This means that we have to make sure that one of our older volunteers is with the young volunteer at all times. Due to the fact that we are just a very small community, we simply do not have people available to do this. Therefore we strongly recommend anyone who is not 18 yet to apply with any of the larger communities. It is not that we would not like to take those under 18 but unfortunately in our case it is a practical matter only

 To Apply To Camphill Dingle

In order to apply to our Community you will need the following papers.

- Application form ( which you will receive after your initial application via the website )
- CV with photograph
- Copy Passport
- Copy Birth Certificate
- Clean Garda clearance or equivalent (original) and International Garda Clearance
- 3 contact details of referees ( these should not be friends or family )
- Medical Declaration ( which you will receive after your initial application via the website)
- Letter of motivation

We look forward to hearing from you!!!



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