44 acres of land

About Dingle Community 

Camphill Community Dingle is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. Our community is in the quiet rural location of Doonsheane just 2 miles out of Dingle town with some of our beautiful homes located in Dingle town itself.

In 1993-1994 a group of parents and friends got together to form a local group to invite Camphill to Dingle. 10 years of meetings, fundraising, visits and talks followed and the 44 acres of land were bought.

In the autumn of 2004, a group of co-workers moved to Dingle to start building up a community. The land itself had only a tumbled down shed but some of the most beautiful scenery nature should offer. Situated in the idyllic location of Dingle we are surrounded by Beautiful sandy beaches, the wild Atlantic ocean, rolling hills, mountains and majestic cliffs which was a true source of inspiration.

Today with a lot of hard work and with the support of the wider Dingle Community. we have a brand new ten-bedroom house (Tearman an tSolais), a converted stone cottage(Tigheen), a beautiful weaving workshop full of creativity, therapeutic candle workshop, woodlands, an orchard, a blooming biodynamic garden with polytunnels and a bustling farm that supplies the community with all our food needs from organic vegetables, fruit, cheese, milk, yoghurts, eggs, beef and lamb. As we live beside the sea we even sometimes catch our own fish!

The community has now grown to 35 community members. As our Community grows in numbers we to grow living away from the land in our new semi-independent life sharing town houses in Dingle Town for some of our community members. In the Summer of 2017 we will be officially opening four houses in Cois Chnoic, Dingle town. This is an exciting next chapter in Camphill Dingle.

Both land work and crafts play a big part in our working life. We produce most of the food we consume and our crafts are sold at the weekly market and at craft fairs. We also have an adult education life skills workshops, day program and school leaver program which enable our community members to expand on their independence and life choices. We place a significant emphasis on the therapeutic side to Camphill Life with music, Arts, Weaving, dance, yoga, cooking, drama and lots of hiking.

Camphill Community Dingle is situated in a Gaeltacht area, which means that Irish is the first language. Though our community is English speaking, we are trying to learn a bit of Irish everyday thought by our own community members.

Living in an area where arts and crafts are very alive has been very enriching for the community. Local artists come in to offer workshops and we enjoy and take part in the many drama performances, music sessions, exhibitions, and festivals. We also take part in many of the local festivals in Dingle each year which is always great fun such as the St Patrick’s Day Parade, The Bealtaine Festival in May, The Dingle film Festival in November, the Food Festival in October, ‘Other Voices’ Music Festivals, Easter and Christmas Celebrations. Camphill Dingle Is truly a wonderful and energetic place to live and work.

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