Janna Pfeiffer

Co-Worker 2008/09

I was in 2008/2009 a co-worker in Camphill Dingle and it was one of the most beautiful times of my life. One of my main goals was to improve my english but I learnt a lot more... You live and work with people with special needs and other co-workers in different agegroups together. I worked in different workshops such as garden, food processing, weavery, the household and was able to develop a lot more new skills than I expected.


I met a lot of great people and was able to make new friends, with special needs or co-workers. The people in the community as well as outside are all very welcoming and friendly. Camphill Dingle is a small community which makes friendships a lot more intense, for me it always felt like a big and just different family! It wasn't always easy and in the beginning it seems like a lot to have only one day off a week but there I have to say I enjoyed the time so much that I sometimes even was afraid of missing out something special on my day off....


The community is sometimes a bit chaotic and very spontaneous but this makes things possible like having supper on the beach, having wonderful birthdayparties and your always welcome to bring your own ideas in. The great location of the houses( only a few minutes walk away from the beach ) adds of course to the charme of this place. Oh and I shouldn't forget to mention all the pubs in Dingle town with lovely local irish music.I really had a great time and I'd do it anytime again. It was a really good experience for my future. I even went back already a few times for visits, so if you decide for Dingle we might meet each other there some time!? 

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