Volunteer 2012

During the summer 2012 I came to the Dingle Camphill Community as a summer co-worker for 3 months. In the beginning I hadn't had a concrete idea of what was waiting for me. Because I'm not from a religious and antroposophical background I was a bit afraid not to fit in the community. But this was not the case at all. Between all the members there was and is a big respect and acceptance!

Speaking of the people there : they are all so great. I met so many good, interesting, funny and kindhearted people and we built some true relations with each other.

Away from home 

For me, it was the first time that I was so far away from home for such a long period of time and it was also the first time « working » with adult special needs. The first days of giving care were a little bit difficult but quickly I realised that the person cannot do it by herself and needs my help. It came more and more natural and in the end we had the greatest fun in the bathroom. 

Better English

Of course my english got better and better every day because we just spoke english together. Even with the people who knew the same languages as me.(because we met in english, it was so natural to continue in this language. Mostly I learnt the vocabulary for the household, garden, kitchen and daily life. 

Daily Life

As a community we did many things together. For example : cooking, cleaning, working in the different workshops and we even had to run the house (when the houseparents were on holydays). 

A very special thing for me was food. I never ate so healthy! Nearly everything that we had on our plate came from the garden, from the farm and from Daisy (milking cow). I was so amazed by that! 

A big difficulty was to think of all the little things that I was suposed to remember and in the end I forgot 3/4 of them. But of course you are never alone and the people are offering their help a lot!

There were some situations where I thought I was a bit too young for this expirience and I missed my freedom at some moments. For examle to have just one day off (this means ONE sleep in) was a big change to my student way of life. 

But all in all it didn't matter because I had by far the best summer that I ever could imagine to have!

During those 3 month I learnt to always be aware what's happening around me, to think for myself, to cook regulary for 8 or more people, to spin, to knit and a lot more!

I'm so thankfull to all the residents, co-workers and employees for this wonderful time together .

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